Casa Loma

The experience

Explore the secret passages, tunnels and turrets of the mysterious and majestic castle. Discover the four acres of lush gardens that surround the property on a hill overlooking Toronto (open from May to October) and offering one of the most spectacular views of the city.


Casa Loma is located at 1 Austin Terrace in Toronto. It is located about 4.4 km from downtown Toronto. The house is more specifically known as Davenport hill.


Casa Loma (From Spanish: House on the Hill) is a bourgeois house on the hill of Davenport in Toronto, Canada. It was built for Sir Henry Pellatt who lived there from 1914 to 1923. The latter was forced in 1923 to abandon his home for financial reasons.

Built between 1911 and 1914, this residence was designed and built by architect Edward James Lennox in a mix of architectural styles specific to the eclectic spirit of the time. It thus meets including Norman styles, Gothic, late Romanesque and Scottish baronial. The architect Lennox defined the architecture of Casa Loma as "French Baronial," a term coined by him.

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