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Brandon went above and beyond his job description in showing us Niagara Falls Canada today! He was informative, funny, educational, helpful, and made it's special just for us to meet our needs! Ask for Brandon!!!!!!

Bonita Levine

Our tour guide was Vinny. He was the best. He made the experience enjoyable and memorable by sharing experiences and valuable information regarding each site we visited. He made my day! The small group size was great. Thank you!

Verna P

Luis was incredible! Thank you for an enlightening tour!

James O'Driscoll

We had a great time with Brandon on our tour. He gave background information on the places in fun and imformative ways. It was lovely being on a 6 person tour. All costs were included for all the places we went. Highly Recommend!

Daphne Matthews

This was by far one of the best trips my husband & I have taken. Vinny was great! Great stories of the area & his stunts as a boy at the whirlpool. He gave great suggestions for each location, especially the boat ride. We stayed dry :-)

Kendra James

Best of Niagara 4 hour tour is the way to go! Samara & Kaitlyn were the best! Very fun & informative! Great being delivered & picked up at each attraction.

Jill Litteken

We had the most exciting and wonderful experience. Our tour guide was highly educative , patient and friendly. He went out of his way to ensure we had loads of fun and got home safe. I would strongly recommend Braydon to any tourist.

Chimaobi Okereke

The tour was best experience I've ever had, our tour guide Braydon Miron made it even more worth it. He made us feel at home and fed us with so much information about the falls. We would come back again, hopefully get the same tour guide.

Chidinma Okereke

What an awesome experience visiting the falls and having Kaitlyn and Samara as our tour guides. We had a group of 6 couples, so the girls went with Kaitlyn and the guys with Samara. They were both amazing and very knowledgeable. So fun!

Vicki Suhre

Kaitlyn and Samara were our guides for the "Best of Niagara Falls" tour. They were terrific!! Our whole group loved them. They were informative while being fun. Samara deserves a metal for listening to our guys tell stories all day!!

Wanda Bruhn

Great experience! This was our first trip to Niagara Falls and this tour helped us make the most of our time. Our guide Vince was personable, knowledgeable, and made the experience memorable! Thank you for your excellent service!

Jonja Russo

What an amazing tour we experienced during our Niagara Falls mini-vacation. Vinny, our amazing and knowledgeable tour guide, was funny, informative, and was perfect in every way. We could not recommend SeeSight any higher - ask for Vinny!

Jim Close

Tour guide was amazing, was very interactive with us. Our group was 6 people, which was great. Got to know a lot about the area. Elijah had us all laughing and had an awesome time with our new friends. Was well worth it!!

Norma Ortiz

Great tour, perfect organization; and Samara was very kind and funny!

Riccardo Tranquilli

We did a BEST OF NIAGARA FALLS TOUR with Samara. The tour itself was well worth the money and Samara was a fun tour guide

Marcello Tammaro

Matthew provides a great experience while on the tour, he is very knowledgeable about the area. He was very excited to answer any question we had. He goes out of his way to give the best tour possible. We had a blast and 100% recommend him.

Betty Kirtzinger

One of the best tours I’ve ever had, our tour guide (Mathew) was full of conversation, trivia, facts and good jokes) I would highly recommend this tour and tour guide.

Hunter Kirtzinger

Sam was a great tour guide. She had lots of information about Niagara Falls and so very kind. Love to her her stories. Thank you Sam for making our day so wonderful. Highly recommend See sight Tours!!!

Donna E

USA Day/Night Tour: Tour was wonderful! Our guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. We learned so much from her and she helped make the experience a great one! She was very organized and had times planned perfectly. Thank you Kristina!

Jessica Brooks

Tremendous experience. Lauren was beyond informative and very nice. She is a treasure to your company. Our family of 6 was given some of the greatest memories with Lauren steering us through the Skylon, Behind the falls and Hornblower.

Tim ODonnell

the tour was awesome.l The power of the falls felt from the boat and behind the falls. She went above and beyond. She gave us some good history of the Area. I would definitely do another tour with See Sight if all tour guides were like Sam!

Jason VanderRoest

SAMARA WAS THE BEST!!! The 5 hour tour is sooo worth the money! We saw the falls in a variety of ways (Skylon tower and up close by boat, on top, and underneath) and loved every perspective-especially getting to be almost in them! Samara w

Sue Supanich (Mooney Family)

We did the day/evening tour and it was a great experience. Nick was AMAZING! We were faced with the parkway being closed to vehicles so we ended up doing a lot of walking. Even so, it was worth every penny and we have already recommended it

Stefanie Higgins

Going on tour with Tyler was a real treat! He told us interesting things about the region and its history. Our kids loved him and my wife an me had a great time as well. I would definitely recommend this tour and Tyler in particular.

Werner Wijsman

We truly enjoyed our time with Sam and she was very welcoming! Truly an asset to the face of your brand. The tour was amazing and we were able to see parts of the city we would have never would have seen. Highly recommend the experience!

Sherri Breault

Samara did a great job giving us the tour of Niagara. Hornblower cruise, helicopter ride, buffet lunch at Skylon Tier, and Journey Behind the Falls. Pick up and drop off at hotel. Well worth the money.

Sandy Brewer

Absolutely loved the tour! The helicopter ride over the falls was my favorite, and the view was stunning! Samara you did a great job, and I loved how informative and funny you were! Keep it up!

Marcia Burkholder

Absolutely amazing group of young tour guides! We got to spend our whole day with Elijah and I couldn’t have asked for or gotten a better guide. Elijah was awesome and thanks to him and 3 other guides for the Happy birthday serenade! lol

Stacy Lewis

Samara was an AMAZING guide! She has the best personality and you can tell she loves her job! She was able to share lots of great facts about the falls! The tour itself was exceptional and well worth the money to be hassle free.

Brandy Hunt

Braydon made seeing Niagara Falls stress-free - no tickets, buses, directions to figure out. We saw and learned so much more than we would have on our own. Great info and recommendations we used for days after the tour. 100% worth it.

Marie Gatti

We had a wonderful tour. Samara was very informative and friendly. We felt like we were on our own private tour! Recommend Seesight tours 100%. Will definitely use them again!

Dan and Rose Smith

Samara was wonderful! Very knowledgeable, respectful, and Sweet.

Amy Rothwell

Samara was outstanding. She was always on time for each pickup and kept us “entertained” between stops with information about the Niagara area. Thanks, Sam for helping to make our Niagara Falls vacation awesome!

Bernie McDonnell

Every tour guide was knowledgeable, polite and caring. Incredible team! This tour is a stress free way to visit this destination. Sorry Brandon, Vinny was top of this game! My vote is Vinny and will request him by name next trip to Niagara

Jim Blaszyk

Our family of 3, from St. Louis, MO, did the full day & night tour of Niagara,& were so happy & impressed with Kaitlyn! She was fabulous; very knowledgeable, funny & so helpful, as well as extra caring, since I had a knee surgery ahead.

Christie Davis

Our tour was great! We enjoyed the entire day seeing the falls from both sides the USA & Canada. Tyler made the day even better by sharing a wealth of information . I would recommend this tour!!! The small group was nice.

Tracie Reed

We had a great time Sam was quite knowledgeable about the falls and we learned some new things. If you want a great tour of the area book this one and ask for Samura

Jenny Armour

My friends and I had an amazing first time in Niagara Falls thanks to Getachew. He really knew his stuff, and was very kind to us. I would definitely recommend and would love to do another tour with Getachew as our guide.

Danielle Logan

Tyler was a very informative guide and helped us out with everything for the day with no waits. Very kind young man and always on time to pick us up. Thanks again, we loved it!!


Sean was amazing !! Very Friendly and Knowledgeable. You have yourself a keeper with Sean. He was courteous, prompt, WONDERFUL !! He truly made our Dinner/Cruise/illumination of the Falls an outstanding experience !! We LOVED Sean !!

Lecia and Cliff Carpenter

Tour guide Samara was an enthusiastic and knowledgeable person to have for our Tour! She is a person I would highly recommend to our friends.

Donna Matthews

The tour was excellent. Everything well timed and explained very well. Samara was friendly and polite and very approachable if you wanted to ask questions. Would highly recommend for anyone visiting for the best experience of Niagara Falls.

Maddie Taylor

The tour was exceptional. Took a lot of stress out of visiting an unfamiliar place. Darrell was wonderful, very factual in giving information and also personable to spend the hours with. Highly recommend him and seesight tours.

Tammy Pritt

Luis was absolutely amazing! He was very knowledgeable, funny and made everything the best experience! Highly recommend that company. Groups are small. He even dropped my mom and I at other location cause he heard this will be our next stop

Joanna Smith

We had a Great time. Tyler was a Great Guide. He deserves an A rating. So glad he was there to help us get through it all. Thanks again Tyler.

Janine Brown

Tour guide Samara gave accurate descriptions of the sights and gave advice so that we could experience the falls in the best way possible. Her enthousiasm combined with her knowlegde made the falls come to life.

Paul G.

Best of Niagara tour. Guide Carwyn was great , excellent tour.


We took the tour and loved it. Vinny was a fantastic guide, friendly and full of ideas and advice and stories. He went out of his way to see that we had everything we needed to have a wonderful time. If you book, ask for Vinny!! Patti M.

Patrick M.

This tour was so worth the money spent, within the first half hour. Vince was our tour guide and he did an amazing job of showing us the sights, sharing the history & fun facts. Easily one of my best days in my life. Highly recommend Vince!

Jenni N.

Wow wow wow thank you for the most amazing day. Christina was patient and kind and so very knowledgeable she made the day great fun and we learned so much worth every cent and LOVE the small group so personal!! Great day!

Heather H.

Vinny was an amazing tour guide and we loved his stories. It was definitely worth the drive from Saint Louis!! (Review by David & Kathy M. combined)

David M.

Vinny was very knowledgeable and had great insight on some of the sights that looked like ordinary buildings. A fantastic tour guide, and a great person. I would recommend asking for him by name if you are getting a tour.

Vishay S.

This was a blast, if Kaitlin isn’t the guide of the year, she should be! We had a small group, it’s worth it for the inside info alone. What fun we had as we learned about Niagara Falls and the surrounding area. No hassle, very convenient.

Edwin G.

This was our first family trip on a sight seeing tour of this kind. Robbie was the best! He was very courteous, and his humor and local knowledge really made it special! Thanks for your restaurant advice, we found just what we needed.

Seth W.

Vinny was an excellent tour guide and very knowledgeable with facts , history and trivia regarding Niagara falls and the surrounding area. He has a cool family. We adopted him as our cousin Vinny.

Glenn B.

We are so happy we chose a private guide. Muhammed was full of knowledge and so personable, personally escorting us to each point of interest with lots of energy. We feel like we got to see it all! Highly recommend!

Staci H.

Absolutely, loved this tour. I highly recommend it, if you’ve never experienced Niagara Falls. Brandon our Guide was great.

G. C.

Niagara Falls All Day Tour Canadian and American Views was great. Mohammed our Guide was great, he was sociable, knowledgeable and accommodating

G. C.

Our tour guides were amazing! Very knowledgeable and personable. Muhammed had another guide with him who was training who was all’s very kind and helpful! We would do this again! We provide jokes for $29.95! 🤣 (joke for the guides) Thanks!

Al and Debbie T.

KAITLIN IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!! She was so personable, sweet, and accommodating. She gave us so much information. She made sure we took as many pictures as we wanted and at the best spots!! She has so much patience and the coolest vibe!!

Wednesday .

He was so great and took the time to show us everything. It was a great day. He had a lot to do with our great experience & we highly recommend him😍

Robin D.

I had a excellent day and a fun time , I went on the Ultimate Niagara Falls Tour plus Helicopter Ride and Skylon Tower Lunch, Vinny was our guide, he was excellent, I could not of asked for a better group or experience. well worth the time.

Edwin O.

Michael was very knowledgeable about the area and took extreme pride in the presentation of information. He provided useful information for everything from area history to great things to do. I would recommend the tour we took to anyone!

Michael K.

Saw Ottawa as I had never seen it before. I loved the boat tour as well! I had lived in Ottawa years ago but seeing it through Carwyn's eyes gave me a while new perspective. Carwyn was so funny and knowledgeable. Great service.

Sandy S.

Elijah was our guide. What a great experience and easy way to take in the sights without worry. He was thoughtful, knowledgeable and allowed us to enjoy our time (great recommendations). STRONGLY recommend this tour package!! fun times.

Roger Paterson

Great place to book your events. We Enjoyed everything in our package. Can't say enough about our tour guide, Sean. He was amazing. Knowledgeable and humorous!!

Sarah Allebach

Would definitely recommend! Our tour guide Chris was phenomenal! We got to see all sorts of amazing things and learn some fun facts while on our tour!

Katie Arnold

We are from The Czech Republic so we will write in Czech Prohlídka Niagárských vodopádů a okolí byl pro nás neskutečný zážitek. Navíc náš průvodce MUHAMMED byl velice přátelský. Moc děkujeme za krásný den

Miroslav a Martina Pacha

We had booked the Best of Niagara Tour and it was great. Roberta picked 6 of us up at the motel that am ,says they liked small groups so we can ask questions and she could answer them all. She was fantastic well worth the money.

Angela and david LAST NAME:

What fun! Guy was informative and very entertaining. The small group size was an added plus--no need to climb off and on a huge bus with obstructed views!! The office staff stays on top of your reservations with frequent communications too!

Linda and Mike LAST NAME:

This was an absolutely amazing day. Sean was the best guide!!! He was fun, informative, kind, courteous and he made our day so special. We did the Ultimate tour and worth every penny. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Thanks Sean !!

Terri Felker

It was an amazing tour with our guide Mariela... She was amazing, knowledgeable and helpful ... we spent a wonderful time with her ... I highly recommend a tour with her ... Thank you so much Mariela for such a great experience

Muath Abusamreh

We throughly enjoyed our tour from start to finish; behind the Falls, the Hornblower boat tour, lunch on top of Skylon Tower and the helicopter tour of the Falls. Our guide. Roberta, was the perfect tour guide. Great tour & great guide.

Kandi Simons

We had such an amazing time! Alex was the best tour guide we could have ever asked for!

Briana lucchesi

The Schwartz family and Ceisler family had the best time with Alex and her sister. Your tours were fabulous and would definitely recommend them. My grandson loved controlling the lights! Alexa recommended great restaurants. Thank you!

Susan Schwartz

We had the best time with our tour group! Guy kept us entertained (may need singing lessons in the future..j/k. 🤣) and was very informative on the areas history. I would highly recommend this company. You won’t be disappointed!

Tammy OBryant

Elijah did a phenomenal job as our tour guide, quick with recommendations and behind the scenes information. But You hear all about the history of the falls and Canada! Thank you so much for the tour and we can't wait to go again!

Jessica Crandall

Kaitlin our tour guide was great. She explained everything and kept us informed. I’m so glad we booked and got Kaitlin. Thanks again

Suzann Spicer

Kaitlin was the best. Thank you again

Ashleigh Spicer

Had a great time with Kaitlyn. She Was very friendly. The boat tour was amazing. The lunch at the Skyline was delicious with unbelievable views. Unfortunately we were not able to do the helicopter ride due to weather.

Donann Anderson

Kaitlyn was amazing! Best guide ever!!

Julie Schmidt

Kaitlyn was great. Loved our experience.

Doug Schmidt

Our tour guide Caitlyn was fabulous! She knew a lot of information and was a great guide, our package included walk behind the falls, whistle blower cruise , tour through and around Niagara Falls, buffet lunch at Skylon tower!, great day

Donna Denault

We did the tour of the falls with Katelyn as a guide. She talked and told us all about the city and each event we were going to. We went to the tower, behind the falls, and the boat ride which was extra awesome. Thanks Katelyn for all!!

Sherri Freml

Elijah did an incredible job as our tour guide! The van he used to bring us around town is fantastic, it even comes with USB charging ports! He was very funny, informative, and quick with good recommendations. The tour itself is incredible,

Andrew Crandall

Did a tour with my husband Sean was professional, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic Sean offered us water bottles during our tour and ended with a maple candy and business card. 10/10!!!! Thanks Sean, Awesome Tour1

Donna Laurie

Our tour guide was Sean. He was outstanding, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and answered our questions. We enjoyed the tour and Sean made sure we had a great time. We were treated royally and exceeded our expectations. Ask for Sean!

Donna L

Kaitlyn was an outstanding in every way, made us feel like part of the family. She is very knowledgeble, she told us about everything, and made our adventure very fun and exciting. She was one of the highlights of our trip. 5 star quality!

Derek Diehl

Elijah was a great tour guide for this trip! I’m not one to enjoy being stuck touring with others, but Elijah shared the tips and tricks to get the perfect picture and wonderful view. He created an atmoshpere that made us feel so welcome!


Great Tour of the Falls with Alex She was dynamic! Thank you Schwartz and Ceisler Family

Susan Schwartz

Great Tour with Roberta My grandchildren loved the experience of working the lights! I would definitely recommend this Tour Company. Thank you Sue and Jack Schwartz

Susan Schwartz

the tour of Niagara Falls was lots of fun. Guy was an excellent tour guide, he gave us plenty of time to view all the sights on the tour. He made some jokes (some bad) but funny and answered all questions about the area that we had.

Sandy Tighe

We had a great time. Our tour guide Kaitlyn was the best!

John Johnston

This tour was great from start to finish! Eli was on time picking us up at our hotel and was very friendly. He got to know everyone in our van and kept the conversation fun. He also taught us a lot about all the things we were seeing and do

Krystal Henderson

Elijah was an amazing tour guide and he was so funny! Definetly would have asked for him again!

Gabbie Chernoff

Had a great tour with Guy as our guide during the Memorial Day Weekend. Well paced and kept our kids (3/5/7) engaged and entertained. Looking forward to future visits.

Tom T

Made my trip. We were fortunate enough to have Mariela, who was an amazing tour guide. Not only was she informative and professional but she was also exceptionally personable. She made me feel like we known each other for years. Thanx

Javier Lugo

We had an awesome experience with Kaitlyn, she's sweet, funny, goes the extra mile to share details and tips of the attractions she takes you too. For a millennial ;) she's definitely an exceptional character (that'll be $5 Kait 😜)

Robert Laberge

Kaitlyn was an incredible guide! So thoughtful and easy going. Made our excursions that much more enjoyable! She is amazing and definitely should request her for your guide!

Lor Deacon

Took the Ultimate Niagara Falls with helicopter ride today. The tour was fantastic. Our tour guide, Hassan, was wonderful and really made the whole experience first class. Couldn't have enjoyed it more

Debbie Berard

Our tour was AMAZING and worth every penny!!! Our guide, Jacklyne, was sweet, knowledgeable, and informative! We booked the Ultimate Niagara Falls Tour Plus Helicopter Ride and Skylon Tower Lunch and highly recommend this tour! Impressive!

Christina Taylor

Took guided tour during our Niagara Falls trip. Guides name was Muhammed. He was on time and well organized. He provided tons of info. Always able to answer our questions. I would recommend this tour and Muhammed.

michele shultz

We loved our tour with Mike!!! He had such knowledge about the Falls and provided us with great tips on each tour. We were blown away by everything we got for our tour and have been raving about it every since. HIGHLY Recommend!!!!

Mandy and DJ Hughes

We had a terrific time while on our tour. Kaitlyn was our tour guide, and she was extremely courteous, prompt, and knowledgeable. We would recommend this tour (Above and Behind the Falls) to all. ❤️🇨🇦

Melissa Eyre

Hurran was a superb tour guide!!!!!!! He gets 5 stars!!!! We did the 830 am tour!!!

Dawn Bradley

I would definitely recommend taking the tour! Sean did a fantastic job in making sure we had a great experience. Sean worked his magic and got us ahead of the tour buses at the helicopter tour due to socked in weather. Thanks Sean!!!!

Randy Toney

Our first visit and we picked the perfect tour company. We can’t say enough about our wonderful tour guide Alex. She was not only knowledgeable but funny and charming. Our small group of 7 felt like family. Thank you Alex! Loved our tour.

Cindy Long

We went on this tour today . Elijah was our guide. He was fun and knowledgeable. We were so glad we booked this trip for our short visit to Niagara. No queuing to get tickets. Picked up and dropped off at hotel. Brilliant morning. Thank you

Pauline Hill

KAITLYN was great even though she didn't feel well (Neither did I so I knew how she felt) she was professional and very informant and she did everything to make our trip go well. No wonder she got Employee of the the month. Thanks Kaitlyn.

Steve Gerrits

Mohamed was our tour guide, it was excellent, he was funny and easy going. Very knowledgeable too 😁

Perla Geraghty

Muhammed, our tour guide was AMAZING, extremely personable, knowledgeable, funny, PROMPT, accommodating & courteous! We were blessed to have him as our guide. He became part of our family INSTANTLY! We learned so much from him. THANK YOU!!!


We have been to Niagara Falls many times but decided to take a tour this time. There was so much we didn’t thank you to Kaitlyn for sharing so many facts about the region and making the day so fun!

Anita Johnston

we signed up for out package tour on line and Kaitlyn was our guide for the day - she was there to collect us on time. She is a friendly and knowledgeable guide and it was a pleasure to spend out day with her. Nice to meet you Kaitlyn!

karen matthews

Carwyn showed us Ottawa as we have never seen it before. We have lived around Ottawa for years, but the See Sight Tour was enriching. The competion of the night on Parliment Hill made us feel so patriotic! Thanks Carwyn.

Sandy Shaw
August 12 2018

Outstanding! Sean was an excellent guide. Great time!

Bonnie Rives

Sean was an excellent, knowledgeable, delightful and caring guide and driver for our tour. He’s a valuable member of your staff. We wish him all the success in the world. We would highly recommend him and your fine company to anyone.

Randy Rives

Wow! We had the most amazing day seeing the Canadian and American sides of Niagara Falls with our private tour guide Sean. From pick up to drop off he was spectacular. He brought us to all our picks and got right through with VIP treatment!

Sabrina Pitkewicz

My tour guide Alex Dunlap was really cool. Her personality is superb, she filled the tour with interesting facts and the history of Canada in an enticing way, and was very friendly and open to questions. 10/10 would definitely tour again :)


This is the way to sight see at the falls! We were three people and the tour had a total of 7. Great customer attention by our tour guide Alex. She was funny and witty as well! I’m going to send you a box of Cookie Crisp Cereal!

David Maynard

Excellent tour with Guy! SeeSight's method is PERFECT for Niagara Falls. Guy is a fun guide who really engages with his customers. At the end of the tour you feel like you have been friends for a couple of years. Definitely book them!

Kevin R

Guy was a funny tour guide. He made my brother and I laugh a lot. I miss Niagara Falls. Want to go back.

Kalina R

Mary Ella was an excellent guide. She was knowledgeable, funny and most importantly kept my 17, 12 and 11 year old kids entertained! This was my second time at the falls and the tour was wonderful with a private tour guide and small van.

Lisa Barrett

Where do I even begin, not sure if the tour or the tour guide was better! Thank you Alex for showing us VIP service with the biggest smile and greatest laugh! You would be crazy not to do this tour and even crazier to not ask for Alex!

Rachael Sadler

Sean did an amazing job! He was extremely organized and efficient, which made our trip very enjoyable! Our whole family loved learning the Canadian lingo he shared. Good luck on starting your Chick-Fi-La in Canada!

Tracy Ledvina

Great tour with our guide Jacklyn. Our 25th anniversary was made very special.

Terry Gregory

We had an awesome experience. We had Mohammad as our guide and he was so lovely and very engaging. Shared his knowledge in a very relaxed manner. The other couple on our trip were also really lovely made it a great day. Well planned trip

Andrew Holten

I would absolutely recommend this tour if visiting the Falls. My kids and I had a great time and learned so much more from our tour guide, Muhammad. He was very kind, courteous, and knowledgeable. He certainly loves what he does!!!

Julie A

We went on the Best of Niagara Tour this morning & loved it. Hassan, our tour guide had lots of great info about history & local lore. We enjoyed the fact it was a small group tour, which makes for great conversation. Highly recommend

Rena Novotny

Ian was our tour guide today. Picked us up at our hotel right on time. VERY friendly and knowledgeable!! Knew the best times for our stops for short lines. Made our experience awesome!!! And the restaurant suggestion, Duffs, Excellent!!!

Angela Perry

I can't say enough about our tour. Paige was the best tour guide I have had in a long time. Very knowledgeable. We did the day night tour and it is well worth the money. The only downfall is the dinner we had. Do not get their prime rib.

Laura W

Alex was spectacular

Beau Mintoff

Our helicopter niagara falls tour with alex was everything we expected and more! She was more than helpful and went out of her way to do so! 10/10 would recommend.

jack becker

This Toronto tour has been a very pleasant experience for us and our guide Dayna Patterson knew how to communicate her enthusiasm about her city. We returned to Montreal impressed with what we have seen in Toronto during that tour.

Francois Saint-Amant

This review is concerning Sean. What a wonderful and knowledgeable guide. Well groomed and presentable in every aspect A patient and accommodating individual who cares greatly for all members of his tour.

Herbert Toldy

Our tour guide was Sean and he was excellent. He was very knowledgeable, polite and efficient. I learned things today I didn’t know. He gave us a wonderful experience. Highly recommend this tour and Sean.

Dave T

I was visiting Niagara for my Birthday with my best friend and our tour guide, Paige, was the best! She was kind, helpful, persistent, and she was so informative. She was new at the job but had it down already!

Carla S

Hi We just did the best of Niagara tour - USA with Mohmad. I would gladly report that it was just one of the best experiences we have had ! He was well versed with all the details and educated us effortlessly ! Would highly recommend !

Vijay Awtaney

Great experience touring Toronto. Our guide Tori was awesome! Very personable and knowledgeable. The tour was a great way to get the basics of the City and discover things that you may want to explore more later. Family all loved it!

Scott Sitter

Our guide, Guy, was fantastic!!! Incredible experience with lots of information you would not get without doing lots of research!! Very convenient!! Keep up the great work!!

K & B E

We had Shawn as our tour guide! He was fantastic, accommodating, informative, and friendly. The tour was great and we got to see many aspects of Niagara. We would definitely come back to experience the night time tour and request Shawn!

Dana Daconto

We had Guy as our tour guide, very nice and personal! KnowledgAble too! He was very prompt picking us up and was there on time when/where he said he would be. Nothing beats being taken around and having front door service! Great job!

Scott,Tracey,Addison,Cooper LAST NAME:

We chose the Epic Full Day Tour with USA and Canada because we did not want to return home and say "I wish we..." and boy did it deliver. Our guide was Carwyn and he was great. We did leave without feeling we missed anything.

Bob Bostick

Our experience was better than I expected! Our tour guide, Guy, was energetic, funny, knowledgeable, and polite. We got to see and do things I probably wouldn’t have done or even known about otherwise. I highly recommend it.

April Knight

This was excellent. A small group of five, we were expertly guided through Niagara Falls with Guy. He was punctual, knowledgeable, and quite funny! His humour really connected with us, and he had a wealth of information to give. Thanks!

Chandon Haslam

We had an amazing time! Our tour guide, Carwyn was great, very informative and humorous. We enjoyed all the attractions and saw some things that we would have never thought to look at. 10/10 would recomend.

Daniela Arambula and Fam

Carwyn does an outstanding job combining humor with historical knowledge of the Niagra region. Thank you Carwyn, we all had a great time. And thank you for the great dinning tips! Your recommendation was spot on!

Mike Rogers

Amazing tour thanks to Carwyn! He was a fantastic guide and we saw and experienced all the major aspects of Niagara Falls. It was laid back and fun and we were never bored or rushed. Couldn't have asked for a better afternoon! Thanks Carwyn

Renee & Dana Daconto

Had such an amazing experience. Carwyn is an outstanding tour guide! He made the experience just as great and kept us laughing with his great sense of humor the entire time! Highly recommend!

Deanna Tassinari

Our tour guide Carwyn made our visit to Niagara Falls fantastic, He was very knowledgeable and added humor which is a plus. He went above and beyond of what I expected, he made recommendations for the rest of the vacation enjoyable.

Bernadette Stoudt

Our tour guide was Alex,she was great,we did the niagara falls behind the falls, horn blower boat and skylon tour and we highly recommend it. Take the first tour of the day you will make less lines. Excellent experience and well organized.

Mabeliz Rosario

Our party of five enjoyed a 5 hour tour with Carwyn as our guide and it was awesome!! Curbside, "front of the line" service was great and Carwyn had lots of good tips on things to do in the Niagara Falls area. Great tour and tour guide!!

Alicia Peters

We had Chris for a guide today in Niagara Falls and he was quite informative, entertaining, accommodating, and pleasant to be with. Brenda and Harry

Brenda Raine

What a great tour! We were fortunate enough to get Alex, who was amazing as our guide. Not only was she informative and professional but she was also exceptionally personable. Our family felt like we made a lifetime friend! Thank you Alex!!

Mary Jo Jeffries

Awesome experience! We saw the Falls, behind the Falls tunnels, Skylon and all of the surrounding area. Great photo opportunities. Steven was the best - very knowledgeable and personable. All around great experience!

John D

We went on the Ultimate Day tour with Guy. He was fun and knowledgeable about the area. Liked not having to wait in ticket lines. Everything went as planned. Tour was definitely worth the money.

Jana Stafford

Mike was a great guide, my husband and I had a great time. We liked that it was a small group.

Rosalie Juarez

We booked the Best of Niagara Falls from Ontario. Matt, our guide, arrived at our hotel on time, He was very friendly, curtious and knowledgeable. We had a great tour with Matt seeing the highlights of Niagara Falls! Thank you, Matt!

Paul Glick

We had a great day exploring Niagara by car, boat and helicopter. This was a fantastic way to see the sights. Carwyn was great. Very informative and relaxed during the entire day. We would recommend this tour to everyone. Great day!!

Elaine S

My husband and I had the best of times... Chris was just awesome!! He picked us up on time, made us comfortable and was our buddy at the end of the tour. Great adventure!!!!

Williana Desravines

My wife and I took a tour with Jon in Toronto and the trip was amazing, of all the hundred times I've been to Toronto the things we got to learn about the culture, heritage and history were incredible. Our guide Jon was amazing!

Mike Horncastle

We booked the combo tour. In the afternoon we had Robbi as our guide. He did an excellent job. I would recommend the combo tour to anyone who is visiting the area--especially 1st timers like us


We booked a combo tour. The morning was on the US side. It rained the whole time but Mohamed didn't miss a beat. He gave me his umbrella and got soaked. He never stopped smiling and was very informative. Mohamed is awesome!

Sandra Hogenson

Our tour guide Ghe or Guy was amazing.

Shanti Pokhrel

The tour was really fantastic and amazing. Our guide Carwyn had a huge knowlegde and humor. The tours have only 6 to 7 people. We liked it. So nice. We came from Germany and had know idea what is best to do This tour with Carwyn was the bes

Dana & Christoph Leßner

Great evening dinner and cruise experience with Dustin. As he says he provides an energetic tour along with great information about the area as you drive between locations. The experience was well worth the money.

Sharon from Texas

What a great day for a tour. On time and informative. Carwyn was excellent to work with and even made it interesting for our whole family. My kids could not stop talking about the positive experience and great sites.

Chris Prue

Guy was a great tour guide. He's a great guy, very relaxed and great fun. He didn't rush us with our activities and was always back at the designated time to collect us. He gave us lots of useful information about Niagara. Great day!

David and Marilynn

Ultimate Toronto tour - fantastic, informative. Tyson our guide was super, personable, enthusiastic and incredibly energetic. Thanks for a great day.

Karen Fitzsimmons

Guides DOESN'T have Mohammed. P/u @ QI NF. So PERSONALABLE, PROFESSIONAL, ACCOMMODATING , FAST, already tickets got us to front. Another visitor thot her personal guide had to leave early. He noticed I upset, willing to fix, told him OK

Gayl Suits

Mohammed could tell I upset (crying), tried to rectify & so sincere but I needed time alone. Advised my son how to get back & parking for more to see suveniors. He felt so bad cuz he'd seen me humor attitude going & emotion back. Great guy

G Suits

The tour itself was a great experience, our group enjoyed the experience & were pleased w/our guide Unfortunately, I am not favorable reviewing See-Sight because they canceled my tour twice (booked 8 wks in adv) due to over scheduling.

Cynthia Galeassi

It was a great tour with our tour guide Mike! He was such an energitic guide! He gave us a great tour. I enjoyed it a lot ! Thank you.

Mujdem Donmez

Guy made touring Niagara Falls an easy, enjoyable experience! The kids liked to listen to his stories and we liked how well Guy took care of us going from attraction to attraction with ease! SeeSight is the ONLY way to see Niagara Falls!

Julie and Steve Colli (and our kiddos)

Guy was a great tour guide...he is very friendly and knowledgeable. The tour was really fun and we went to alot of attractions...ended with the fun falls boat ride...had a great time

Grace Wellbrock

It was an awesome tour! We had Mike as our tour guide! And he gave us lots of information,lots of recommendations place to see and place to eat. He was such and energitic guide! Thank you for everything!

Mujdem Donmez

Absolutely wonderful! Dustin was super knowledgeable very fun and gave us a one of a kind tour. Been to several countries and always used guides he is by far the best and accomdated our entire group from ages 13 yrs to 70 year old

Misty Baker

Dustin was amazing! He works seasonally as he is a student. Is extremely informative! And able to entertain our entire group. By far best tour we've taken. If they give away an award for best guide Dustin should win hands down!

Dorothy Batt

Great tour and our tour guide Dustin was awesome. It was great to be able to get expedited tours and basically head of the line privaledge. Dustin was very knowledgeable and interesting. Great time!

Glenn Batt

Dustin is the man! My family all went and have done tons of tours he has been the first to really include me ( I'm 13 yrs old). Most guides play to the adults he included me mom aunt and grand parents very well and told me all kind of neat

Kenny Baker

Awesome!!! Was informative but Fun. Dustin did a great job.

Heather Baker

Dustin was marvelous best guide every great tour you need to book thru see sight

Sue Batt

Awesome experience ! Dustin was very knowledgeable and friendly !!!!

Sarah D

Great experience !!! Very friendly and knowledgeable !!!

Sabrina D

Tour was excellent overview of all the top attractions. Chris our guide was wonderful source of all kinds of history and facts. Just a pleasure to have Chris to show us the sights

Chris Conway

Dustin gave us a great tour of Niagra falls area. He was very informative. We had a great time

Elaine Gingrich

Fabulous "Best of Niagara " tour today with Chris. Very knowledgable , courteous and friendly. Small group of six , which made the tour personal. Thank you all for a lovely morning. Will definitely recommend.

Zena Thomas

A great way to experience Niagara Falls! Carwyn was an exceptional guide. What fun to be driven right up to the door, have someone purchase your tickets and show you where to enter. Dropped us off at his favorite pizza place for dinner!!

Helen Ingram

There isn't enough space to explain in 240 characters what a spectacular experience we had with your tour guide, Alex, on 9-02-2017. We ask you to please inform her to look on Trip Advisor to see the complimentary comments we made. Thanks!

Gregg & Amanda Peterson

We had a lovely experience! We had an issue in the morning and missed part of the tour. They were flexible in allowing us to complete the part of the tour we missed. Our guide Alex was more than excellent and made for an enjoyable tour!

Jael A

My husband and I enjoyed the time we spent with Guy as our guide. The entire tour was well organized. We had ample time and quick admission on each leg of the journey. Guy was very knowledgeable and a fun person to share our time with.

Kathy Buening

Our tour of the Niagara Falls area was fantastic. Thank you Mike for your wealth of knowledge and your easy going way. We covered a lot of ground on our tour and learned so much. THANK YOU MIKE!

Sally Reed

Our tour guide Robbie was a fun and informative guy. Definitely was a great experience!


Fantastic! Seeing every aspect of the falls with no worries of standing line for tickets , trying to find parking was great. Our tour guide Guy was a gentlemen , informative and funny. Highly recommend this tour.

Mac Richasrson

Everything was better than expected. Our tour guide, Chris, was friendly, knowledgeable, funny, and I felt went beyond his 'job description'! I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone looking to learn, have fun, and be entertained.

Jani Verga

Our tour guide Dana was an excellent tour guide! Both pleasant and knowledgable. Great experience. Thanks Dana for all your information.


It was an amazing experience. We, with two other couples, were picked up at our hotel by Dustin, and spent over 5 hours exploring the Niagara region. We chose the combined tour including the minibus tour...price was worth it!

James Benjamin

One of the best tours, we had in "some" time! It was our first time in Niagara Falls and Carwyn, our Tour guide was simply amazing! Funny, down to Earth, knowledgeable & name a few! Highly recommend this Tour! Thanks, Carwyn!

Bozi, Oli & Leah

Great guide and a great tour. Definitely recommend this way to see Niagara.

Brendan Keating

The tour was wonderful! Carwyn gave us a great view of everything Niagara. He was very personable and upbeat. We were able to do so much. This is a wonderful way to see the attractions when your time is limited. Loved turning on the lights!

Doug and Kim Wisener

A fantastic way to see all the top attractions of Niagara - particularly if you only have a short stay at the falls such as we had. It was a wonderful day - we certainly join with everyone who have recommended and rated this a 5 star tour!

Camryn Turner

What a fantastic Tour Experience! This was our first time to see the falls and it was breathtaking. The tour was just a small group of 6 persons plus our guide. He was friendly and helpful. He would pick us up at our hotel and would bring us right in front of each sightseeing area.

Shawn Hanlon

Had a brilliant day in Niagara falls guided by Mike who made getting us to all our chosen attractions really easy. He was very knowlegable and eager to answer any questions we had about the falls and surrounding area. Highly recommend!

Hannah Palfreyman

Fantastic experience with our delightful and extremely informative guide Chris! Great sights and Journey behind the Falls and Hornblower into the "mist," delicious dining experience overlooking falls, and enthralling illumination event.

Mary and Jack Weddle

What a fantastic tour! Thanks again to Dustin for a great experience - 100% will recommend to family & friends. Cheers from Australia! Chloe & Russell

Chloe Young

We toured Toronto with my mom and her husband and John helped us fall in love with Toronto. He gave us context and history and lots of information as we toured downtown Toronto. He made the day perfect for us!

Lisa Thomas

My Husband and I weren't sure what to expect but we received the most perfect experience possible on our tour with Carwyn. His humorous anecdotes and knowledgeable tidbits about every aspect of Niagara were superb! FABULOUS JOB!

Deena Nelson

I cannot emphasize how much we enjoyed hanging out with John all day. We literally felt like he was one of our long time friends who just happened to know everything about Toronto! This tour offered more than we were expecting! Worth it!

Deanna & Nathan Peshl

Probably the best we have ever experienced. Thanks to Carwyn who was very knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor. It was a great way to see and enjoy a good slice of the area in the limited time we had in Niagara Falls.

Joe Spiecker

Tour can be summed-up in one word - amazing! Our guide Steven kept us laughing throughout and is a mine of information. Thanks for a fantastic day!!

David Parkes

Dustin was awesome!

Eugenia Voronin

Dustin is awesome👍

Claudette Stuart

Great tour, lots of information, really nice tour guide who knew a lot!!!

Kimberley Hoonhout

Great, Dustin Oostendarp lead us around and did great. We hope he'll visit Holland soon! Thanks Dustin for all your information!

Milenco Otten

Great tour guide, Dustin was very informative!

Sonia R

Great tour guide Dustin! Not dull

Eli R

Our tour guide Taylor was an excellent tour guide! Both pleasant and knowledgable. Great experience.

Georgieanna Aronson

Taylor made this a great experience for our first visit. She was extremely pleasant and very informative.

Greg Germond

Our tour guide Taylor was very knowledgable about the sights we saw, answered all of our questions to our satisfaction. She was very personable. Not only did she show us the sights but was helpful in giving us ideas on what else to see

Terry Germond

Excellent Dustin is a JOY! Very Personalble!

Jana Gunselman

We just had the most awesome tour experience with Dustin. His knowledge and friendly attitude is a renewal of the tour service issue.

Rick Gunselman

really nice trip with dustin

gabriel jolicoeur

Great tour!! We loved having Dustin as our guide!!

Lynne Earley

Dustin is great!

Jun Kim

Informative, fun, easy going . Can drive well! Cheers, Dustin!

Steve B

Fun, great time, enjoyed it. Thank you Dustin!

Patty G.

A lot of fun, very knowledgable and imformative. Thank you Dustin!

Allen G

Dustin was a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide. He made the experience very memorable and due to his charisma we all felt relaxed in his presence. I would recommend the tour and Dustin in particular to others in the future. :)

Aimee Gilasbey

Dustin was an amazing guide. Super knowledgeable.

Ken Pemberton

Our tour guide, Chris, helped to make our visit to Niagara Falls an experience my family and I will never forget. Chris shared info, which was great to know and his sense of humour was perfectly pitched. Thanks once again for a great day.

Shab Siddiqui

We had a wonderful time on the Niagara tour with Dustin! He was lovely and extremely knowledgeable on the facts and history of Niagara. He went the extra mile to answer all of our questions and enhanced a truly remarkable experience!

Eleri Davies

Dustin was a brilliant guide; we couldn't have asked for anyone better. He was able to answer all questions that we had, had some great facts and was great fun. We had a blast; best guide ever

Becca Evans

Ik heb genoten van de rondleiding langs alle onderdelen van de Niagara Falls gegeven door Taylor!

Leonard Smalheer

Liz is awesome and did an amazing job!!

C Wal

We had a great tour! Guy was our guide and he was very knowledgeable, professional and a lot of fun! He even sang the "Marineland" song! The vans are very clean and comfortable. I highly recommended this tour.

Kimberly Olson

Our tour guide Taylor was on point. I couldn't have asked for a better time. Her knowledge and stories from this city were incredible. She made our entire trip! Thank you so much Taylor.

James Francis

Highly recommend this tour because of the extreme care and personal attention offered to us during our 8 hour tour by a witty and engaging tour guide (Guy) who entertained us and gave us lots of info - hiking trail locations etc. Thanks Guy

Christopher and Pamela North

We hebben een geweldige rondrit gehad met onze gids Taylor. Dank je wel!

Corina Smalheer

We choose See Sight Tours for the more personal experience. It is just what we wanted. Taylor our tour guide was a hoot! She was very knowledgable about her home town. This is the best way to see the falls.

Amy Penn

My family and i booked an afternoon tour and it was great, it was what we hoped for and more. Taylor was our tour guide and did an amazing job, she knew her information well and kept us laughing. it was the best way to see the falls.

Avery Allynn

We had an amazing experience with Guy as our tour guide. His knowledge and fun facts of Niagara made the tour so memorable and interesting. We loved every minute of our tour and would highly recommend See Sight Tours and Guy.

Nancy Bentley

Our guide Liz was awesome, she managed the entire tour right on schedule, her knowledge was thorough, we felt very comfortable and found the whole experience easy going. Me & my family will highly recommend her and give her rating 5/5

Sachin E

Our tour guide was Taylor. She was so fun, friendly, kind, considerate, and knowledgeable. My husband and I love her bright mind and confident attitude. I've highly recommended family, friends, and co-workers to book tours with See-Sight

Lien Tran

Our Tour Guide was Chris and he was Awesome!!!!!!.... Chris was helpful, professional, friendly, and had fun working knowledge of Niagara Falls. We recommend you request Chris. Only Negative was Skylon restaurant terrible food and choices.

Derek Epstein

All we can say is WOW!!!!! We would highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting the magnificent Niagara Falls, you will see the Falls from every position possible. Everything went exactly as planned. Our guide Guy was very knowledgeable

Philip & Bridgett Roach

We went to Niagra Falls ss a family vacation. We booked the tour for 4 hrs. They booked us for a private tour just for our family. It worked out great for us. John was very informative punctual guide. Everyone enjoyed & recommend this tour.


The Niagara tour with Mike was great. He was pretty knowledgeable about the area, and took us to some places we would have missed if we were touring ourselves like the Whirlpool and Hydroelectric plants. All in all it was a great trip!

Charles M

My wife Rose and I had one of the most wonderful experience with your company. We are first class travelers with all of our adventures we highly recommend you ask for Taylor and prepare yourself for a stress free trip.

Gordon Glorch

Dustin was our guide for Niagara at Night tour. Being the start of the season, you get the wrinkles ironed out. But, everything went to our satisfaction and more. Very much satisfied with the service and attentiveness received from Dustin.

Mary Ann and Raquel

A most personal friendly tour of Toronto. Steven was our guide who was knowledgeable, able to answer all our questions, and so pleasant. Being a small group we were able to travel quickly and have Seven's full attention. Totally pleased.

Thomas Scott

We are so glad we chose Sea Sight Tours! It was the best way to see everything we needed to see in a very efficient way. Our tour guide Guy was very knowledgeable, pleasant, and professional to guide us throughout the town. Thank you Guy!!

Yukie C.

This was our first visit to Niagra Falls! Taylor was our guide and was Fabulous!!! She was very knowledgable, super efficient and great with our kids. She made for a wonderful day in Niagra!! Thank you!

The Day's

Toronto tour guided by Steven was more than we expected. Our guide is a very well educated young man who never left us the feeling of just doing a job. He was friendly, respectful and shared his knowledge with us. Tour highly recommended.

Felicia Tipa

We just arrived home from our holiday from Niagara Falls. Just a note to let you know that the highlight of our trip was our SeeSight Tour that morning.  It was such a surprise to find out it was so personal.  Our tour operator, Steven, was very knowledgeable and very friendly I would highly recommend him and your company to anyone. Please keep up the good work.

Doug & Bev Atchison Ken & Edith Penman

Absolutely fantastic!! Wonderful tour guide who kept the tour moving without putting us under pressure. Everything was well organized and well timed and true to the tour promise. The walk under the Falls was stunning the helicopter ride gave an unforgettable perspective of this natural wonder the Skylon lunch was fun - we had great company on our tour- and gave us a good restful break during the day. Finally the Hornblower trip was an essential part of the Niagara Falls experience - you will certainly get misted!! I highly recommend the trip. It's conducted by locals and the tour guide we had was a credit to his company. Well done!

Elizabeth Davidson

We had an absolutely amazing time with Steven today. He demonstrated a great blend of local area knowledge and humor. This was, without a doubt, one of the best tour experiences we have had.


The tour was fabulous! There were only us and 1 other couple so it was very intimate and very personalized. The tour guide was super knowledgeable and gave us a very keen insight on behind the falls and even where to stand on the Hornblower! It was superb!

Norman W

My wife and I throughly enjoyed the tour! Be prepared to spend at least 4.5 hours. Daud our tour guide picked up us promptly at our hotel with two other couples. What we liked about this particular tour is the size limit of people. Six is the maximum number. Daud was very knowledgeable of the historical facts of each attraction that we visited. He also recommended hiking, biking trails and a bed and breakfast inn. A great sense of humor which kept our group entertained. Journey behind the falls was memorable as you venture, hear and feel the power of the falls. The trip to the top of Skylon Tower gave us a bird's eye view of the falls. The beautiful fall colors of the trees was magnificent. The highlight of the tour was the Horn Blower cruise! Be prepared to get wet! Talk about up close and personal! We were in awe of the immense power of water! We highly recommend this tour!

Tom Baumann

100 satisfied with this tour. Company was super responsive and communicated well, was right on time to pick us up, and gave the perfect balance of guided tour, while also giving us plenty of time to visit and explore on our own. Our guide, Steven, was super friendly, well informed, and a pleasure to spend the day with. This tour books a maximum of six people per group, so if you are in a group of five like us, it's essentially a private tour. Value was great as well, by the time you add up entrance costs to the various attractions included in you 100 tour Skylon tower, behind the falls, hornblower cruise, you have offset half of the cost. For visitors coming from the US side, please note, the company is not able to arrange pickups on the US side. We simple had our cab driver drop us off at the border crossing, and walked into Canada over the beautiful Rainbow Bridge. Steven was waiting for us just a couple hundred feet on the Canada side - Easy!

Jennifer H

This was an amazing tour. Carwyn was our guide and he was very knowledgeable, punctual, funny, courteous and pleasant. The sites he took us to were places we would have never otherwise seen if we had tried to tour Niagara Falls on our own. We are so thankful we booked this tour and it is definitely worth every penny!!


We had a great day with our tour guide Carwyn. He picked us at our motel on time and took us to the main attractions in Niagara. We were a small group (6 peoples) and it is then very easy to jump from one attraction to the other without wasting time .


This was really a great tour. Unlike most tours, there was a nice personal touch because there were just 6 of us on the tour. We were driven to each tour site by the tour guide and we learned along the way. I am sure we saw things we would never discovered on our own.


The tour was great. It saved us a lot of time and hassle. No worries about walking/driving to the locations or finding parking spaces, buying tickets, etc.. Guy was wonderful and provided a great overview of Niagara attractions.


The guides are awesome! They are very informative and kind. I like the fact that it was a small group in a van instead of a large overwhelming group of people on a bus. We got to see all of the attractions around Niagara Falls in one day. Definitely awesome.