Royal Canadian Mint

The experience

Discover where a vast majority of the country's currency and commemorative coins are created and minted with a spectacular and interactive tour of The Royal Canadian Mint's Ottawa facility.


The Royal Canadian Mint's headquarters and production facility is located at 320 Sussex Drive in central Ottawa. Located within walking distance to multiple popular Ottawa attractions, such as Byward Market and National Gallery of Canada, makes it a popular stop for tourists of all ages.


The Royal Canadian Mint's Ottawa facility is a bustling historical building that is responsible for crafting hundreds of thousands of coins each and every year. Commonly associated with crafting and producing coins and other currency, this facility also produces medallions, collectors and commemorative coins, gold bullion coins, and various medals. During the interactive guided tour, you will be treated to a behind-the-scenes look at where the coins are created. While strolling through the building, you will witness the entire production and advanced engineering that is used to cast and craft the coins, medals, or medallions. The Ottawa facility isn't just used to create commemorative coins or currency; it can be used to create Olympic medals. All athlete medals for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games were minted here. Several athlete medals are on display and can be viewed during the guided tour. Upon completion of the tour, you will be able to stop by the on-site boutique where you can grab a few knickknacks and mementos that can be used to help you remember your visit to The Royal Canadian Mint.
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