Parliament Hill

The experience

Considered one of the nation's most recognizable landmarks, Parliament Hill is where national and international politicians of the past, present, and future meet to discuss and debate laws and other important issues.


Located in downtown Ottawa, Parliament Hill sits atop a hill and overlooks the majestic Ottawa River. Its entrance along Queen and Wellington Streets provides tourists with quick, easy access to this historical landmark.


Just catching a glimpse of the beautiful Gothic-style architecture and structures of Parliament Hill is enough to create memories that will last a lifetime. The building, which was mostly rebuilt after a fire in 1916 destroyed it, is a political powerhouse where some of the nation's most important topics are discussed and debated by lawmakers. Parliament Hill isn't just a government building reserved for political debates; it is a cultural landmark, too. Every year, people gather around this historic building to take part in Canada Day celebrations. The entire day is filled with lively music, street vendors, and an awe-inspiring fireworks display. Take a guided tour of The House of Commons, located in West Block and learn about the buildings unique history or be adventurous and explore the courtyard and the grounds on your own. While exploring, don't forget to take a close look at the intricately carved reliefs, bosses, and gargoyles that can be found on the interior and exterior stonework of the buildings. Please advise that Centre block is closed for the next 15-17 years due to renovations. This portion of the tour will be replaced with a guided tour of the House of Commons.
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