Olympic Park

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See where athletes from around the world competed for Olympic glory with a stop at Olympic Park. This district of Montreal hosted multiple structures that were used during the 1976 Summer Olympic Games.


Olympic Park is an exclusive district of Montreal that was chosen as one of the areas to host the Summer Olympic Games in 1976. The boundaries of the district are made up of Sherbrooke Street in the west, Pierre de Coubertin Ave in the east, Pie-IX Blvd in the south, and Viau Street in the north.


In 1976 Montreal was given the honor of hosting the Summer Olympic Games. Athletes from 92 different countries gathered to compete in a variety of sports including diving, swimming, gymnastics, wrestling, volleyball, track and field, and equestrian. Several venues were located in a small district of Montreal called Olympic Park. Olympic Park is a favorite travel hotspot. Everyone from die-hard sports fans to the casual international traveler will enjoy taking time to see the sights of Olympic Park. Visitors to Olympic Park will be able to see Olympic Stadium where track and field events, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies, took place, Olympic Athletes' Village where all athletes stayed, Maurice Richard Arena, Olympic Pool, and Pierre Charbonneau Centre which hosted all wrestling events. After getting a feel for what the athletes felt during the Olympics, you can make a brief stop at the Olympic Tower in the Olympic Stadium. Travel up to the observation deck and enjoy seeing the amazing views of Montreal and the surrounding Olympic Park. If there is time, stop by the Place Nadia Comaneci. The Place Nadia Comaneci is a named after the youngest all-around women's gymnastics gold medalist – Nadia Comaneci. Nadia rose to worldwide celebrity status when, during the Montreal Olympic Games, she became the first ever gymnast to score a perfect 10 on the uneven bars.
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