St. Joseph's Oratory

The experience

Stop in front of St. Joseph's Oratory on Mont-Royal in Montreal and enjoy the amazing view of one of the world's most beautifully designed historical religious landmarks.


St. Joseph Oratory is a small chapel that is located on Mount Royal. It can be found at 3800 Chemin Queen Mary in Montreal, Quebec which is within walking distance to the Notre Dame College.


St. Joseph's Oratory is unlike any basilica in the world. Not only does it feature an architectural style that is influenced by the Italian Renaissance, but it has a large dome that is the largest in all of Canada. In fact, the dome is considered to be the largest in the world. Construction of St. Joseph's Oratory began in 1904 after the demand grew for a Roman Catholic chapel. Over the years, the congregation of the church grew until St. Joseph's Oratory was too small to accommodate the larger church population. Today, millions of visitors from all over the world come to see the beautiful architecture. Religious services are occasionally held at St. Joseph's Oratory, but it is mostly considered a historical landmark.
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