Niagara Helicopters

The experience

Since 1998, the Niagara Falls Helicopter Ride has made seventy-six thousand customers happy with this twelve minute ride of a lifetime. The journey to Niagara would never be complete without a trip to Niagara Falls by air.


Located on Victoria avenue, the heliport is easily accessible. The flight will take you alongside and over the river from the whirlpool area to just before the Minolta Tower and return.


In this ride, guests will have the chance to experience the slow and titillating ascent of the helicopter from its launch pad while guests excitedly wait for the pilot to steer them over to the best scenic views in Canada. All guests are given earmuffs so they can hear on-board audio presentations available in twelve different languages including Thai, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, English and so much more.

What makes this ride unique is that it comes with an added bonus, the flight allows you to conquer your fears and gives you majestic and awe-inspiring views of the marvelous sights in Canada. Once you find yourself in Canada, always make sure that you try the Niagara Helicopter Ride.

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