Journey behind the falls

The experience

Immerse yourself in the background sound and the fantastic sight for the ultimate sensory experience! Take a trip behind the Niagara falls and stand right where the mighty Horseshoe Falls touches the ground, creating this so special mist.


The tunnel takes you to the base of Niagara Falls


Because Niagara Falls is so overwhelmingly vast, some tourists aren’t content with just a single view. Lucky for them there are ways to go around the falls and appreciate it from varying angles such as the Journey behind the Niagara falls. If you’ve tried the Maid of the Mist Boat ride you’ll get a frontal view of Niagara however, this journey is isolated to only one view and you’ll only get to see the anterior side of Niagara.

This spectacular experience is worth every penny. The journey will take you below as well as behind Niagara falls and as you stand there you’ll get to witness the chilly gush of water tumbling down from thirteen storeys above. In this exciting journey tourists are led to descend a hundred fifty feet by means of an elevator wherein a short tunnel provides access to two outdoor observation decks as well as two portals that are situated directly behind the glorious Niagara Falls.

The sight is incredibly amazing. In this journey tourists will get to witness the breathtaking view of one fifth of the world’s fresh water in a ferocious downpour to the basin down below. The sightseeing tour lasts for forty five minutes total. Tourists are handed with biodegradable rain ponchos to protect themselves from the chilly mist of the falls.

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