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About Us

Personal Authentic Local

See Sight Tours provides intimate small-group tours of popular destinations across North America. Founded in Niagara Falls, Canada in 2006, See Sight Tours has developed a wealth of experience delivering uniquely intimate and immersive tour experiences. Our tour guides take pride in their personal expertise in showcasing the hidden beauty of the local areas where we operate and are determined to create lasting impressions on our guests from around the world.


Maid of the Mist in Niagara Falls

How it all started

Daud Grewal, the company’s Founder was born and raised in Niagara Falls. He started See Sight Tours with the help of his beloved mother while still in high school. He came up with the idea while working as a parking lot attendant at a local tourist attraction. While working, he would often see big sightseeing buses crammed with tourists and he was sure there was a much more comfortable and personal way to provide sightseeing tours. His idea was simple - he would give personable, private tour experiences using his mother’s minivan.

Knowing little about business, Daud quickly made up an 18-point plan on the back of a parking lot sheet. He made a makeshift booth and stood outside with a handmade sign offering his tours but had trouble selling them. After weeks with no business, he was ready to give up and get another job but on July 1st, 2006 - he made his first sale. Today, the company has taken this simple idea and expanded to over a dozen (and counting) different cities across Canada and USA. The tours are still personable, still small-groups and still use vans.


See Sight Tours Van in Niagara Falls

Why Us

Small-Group Tours

Small-groups create connections and allow us to be flexible and go places where large groups don’t. No crowded buses, no microphones.

Authentic, local experiences

We believe in supporting the communities we live and operate in. By hiring locally, we create jobs to support the local economy and ensure guests receive an authentic experience.

Friendly, personable guides

Our guides aim to create personal connections with each guest we serve. We truly care about delivering the best customer experience possible.

Personal Authentic Local

About Us

We take pride in being a locally run tour company that provides guests with exceptional experiences and great memories. Our tour guides are super friendly, energetic and happy to meet and guide guests from around the world.